Upcoming Workshops!

I'm super excited to announce three upcoming CheeseScaping workshops this holiday season!

Two of my favorite local shops, Appletree Books and Stillpoint Gallery, will be hosting three hands-on workshop sessions. I'll be sharing tips for working with Ohio artisan cheeses and seasonal ingredients to craft holiday cheese boards as beautiful as they are delicious. Participants will have the opportunity to sample locally made cheeses and create their own edible work of art to take home for enjoying with family and friends. Workshop includes: cheese tasting, instruction, your choice of three local cheeses, handmade Le Cracker sourdough crackers, and accompaniments. Choose the date that works for you and contact either Appletree Books or Stillpoint Gallery directly to reserve your spot. 

Appletree Books: Email info@appletree-books.com, or call 216.791.2665
Stillpoint Gallery: Email kate@stillpoint-gallery.com, or call (216) 721-4992

This is going to be so much fun. Hope to see you there!