Hey! Le Cracker is Here!

And... the word is out!

A huge thank you to Debbie Snook of the The Plain Dealer for sharing my Le Cracker story

Debbie has been a tireless and dedicated supporter of all things local for as along as I can remember. If you really want to know what's happening in Cleveland's local food community, Debbie is the one to follow. And you can do just that on her twitter feed or her Facebook page. I'm honored to be one of the many delicious stories she's shared over the years. 

It's been exciting and a bit embarrassing walking into a room these past couple weeks and be greeted by someone shouting "Hey, Le Cracker is here!" and applaud the article. Telling someone about this little thing you created can be scary. Telling the world (or at least all of Cleveland) can be downright terrifying. It's a lot easier to sit in the background and let others take the stage. So, thanks Debbie for nudging me to share this. And thanks to all of you for the warm wishes, the positive feedback, your ongoing enthusiasm -- and the applause even. I appreciate it more than I can adequately describe here. 

You are all so awesome!