FarmShare Kitchen: Rhubarbaritas

This seasonal variation on the margarita is the perfect way to cool off after a hot, summer day.

Fresh rhubarb, cut into rough chunks
Simple syrup (2 parts water to one part sugar, boiled until sugar dissolves and liquid is clear)
Crushed ice
Tequila or lemonade

Place rhubarb chunks in saucepan and cover completely with simple syrup.

Simmer until rhubarb falls into threads.

Cool in saucepan, then strain through cheesecloth draped in a strainer placed over a bowl. Squeeze the last of the juice out of the rhubarb pulp and chill the juice.  

When chilled, fill a tumbler with crushed ice. Add equal amounts of rhubarb juice and tequila (or lemonade for a fun, non-alcoholic beverage).

Stir and adjust sweetness with a squeeze of fresh lime.  

Take glass to the porch, put feet up, and enjoy!